A New Chapter


It’s hard to believe that God blessed and called me into ministry at Isle of Hope five years ago. My time here has been incredible. Our middle school program has flourished in so many ways and I truly believe that all credit goes to God. I believe that my time here has stretched and strengthened me in all of the areas of my life. The community here has become my family, as well as made my family feel so at home.

Over time, I have fallen in love with all of the different ministries our church offers. I love how we care for people. How we worship. How we do life together. I’ve grown to appreciate how much goes into every detail. I love the investment each family puts in to the life of the church. I love the creativity of the staff and the time and dedication we put in to making things great. I’ve said on numerous occasions that I would attend Isle of Hope UMC even if I didn’t work here.


When I was 16, I felt called into youth ministry. I had just made a decision for Christ about 6 months prior, but was ready to learn everything I could before, during and after college. I studied youth ministry in every essence of the word. I mentored students in the grades below me. I volunteered my time instead of doing sports or after school activities (ok, so youth ministry is kind of a sport).

From the beginning, my passion has always been discipleship. As I grew in my relationship with Jesus, I grew to love watching and challenging others grow deeper.

In college, I interned and continued to learn all that I could. I still have great relationships with those students today. At the end of my time there, I took a year off and began to pray about where God would lead me next. Deciding to take that year was an incredibly difficult decision. I remember trying to run from God, not unlike how Jonah ran. I didn’t make it into the stomach of a fish, but I made myself miserable trying to ignore His call. A year later I began what I have previously called “the hallway process”, which would lead me to today.


My season at Isle of Hope will be ending soon. This summer, I will walk through a new door, one that I didn’t even know existed when I entered into this year. While I am not going far, ministry will look different for me. My challenges and strengths will look different. It is a new journey, one that I hope you will rejoice with me in.

Thank you for welcoming me into your home to do life. Thank you for walking with me and watching me grow. Thank you for allowing me to challenge your students to grow deeper. Thank you for loving me like family. You have rejoiced with me and walked with me through so many seasons. I am overwhelmed when I think about it all.

My time here is so cherished and I am forever grateful for each person who has let me be a part of their life. Isle of Hope is home and always will be. That is what makes this place so great. I am so thankful for my community, but also excited to expand my tribe.

Thank you for celebrating with me.
Bless your ministry.