Marshmallow Dodgeball


We hold Sunday Night youth group in the Fellowship Hall of our church. In “Isle of Hope” Language, Fellowship Hall could mean a lot of things. It’s the location of our contemporary service, The Anchor. It is quickly transformed to feed a couple hundred people for dinner on Wednesday nights. It has a stage, so Christmas Pageants & plays have frequent said hall. Basically, it can be whatever you want to be. Except a gym. We have awesome projectors hanging from the ceiling. Projectors, that if hit with a ball of much middle school force, could break. And no youth ministry wants to take the fall for that.

That’s when we discovered MEGA marshmallows. Have you seen those things? They are intense! Technically, they’re meant for bonfires and camping (another thing we try not to let take place in the Fellowship Hall), but we found another use for them.


If you can’t roast em, throw them at someone’s face.

Wait, that’s not a thing.

Anyways, it’s a really great alternative and the kids love it! I just don’t advise you eat them after (especially if a kid steps on it, picks it up, and throws it anyway. Gross.) There’s nothing to it, just play like regular dodgeball and don’t be afraid to get a little sticky.

Happy Dodgeballing!