people who invest need people who invest


My first year in full time ministry wasn’t easy. I had struggles like most Youth Directors do. I struggled with getting to know the kids. I struggled with balancing my time. I struggled with just about everything you can imagine. There was a short period of time where I even loved ministry a little less because I wasn’t sure I was cut out for it. That was all a lie though, because my God is bigger than my doubts and because I had people investing in me.

I’ve mentioned that I have great leaders, but the greatest leaders that have ever been in my life were ones that invested in me. They put in the time, even when I felt like I wasn’t worth it. When I stepped away from church, they continued to encourage me and when I needed to make big decisions, they prayed along side of me.

One of the things that I realized I was missing in my start of full-time ministry is that I wasn’t letting anyone invest in me. I was draining myself trying to meet all of the needs of my ministry, but my needs weren’t being met.

After about 8 months of this, I started meeting with some local youth directors every month and it was there that I started to feel like I could catch my breath. It was also through that group that I found a Small Group that would provide the community I was missing. It provided the first batch of people that not only I could invest in, but they would invest in me in return.

Since then, I have found that there are several people who are willing to invest and pour into my life. I meet with an incredible woman in my church every other week and together we pray for students and the ministry that is taking place in their lives. Another one of our leaders makes it a point to do a “Big Girl Road Trip” with me twice a year. Do you know how much life that brings to my ministry? It sounds like we’re driving across the state for a concert, but it’s the time that she invests in my life that encourages me and helps further my ministry so I can invest in others.

Who invests in you? Are you burning out because there’s no one alongside of you; pushing you forward, praying for you, and investing in you?


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