Snow Days & Sabbaths


It’s Monday. Which means people are already counting down the days to Hump Day so they can finally get to Friday. Because weekend.

Last week we had a little break though. Wednesday was cancelled. The whole day. We called it “Snow Day”, even though there was no snow to be found. Businesses were closed, work was cancelled, and kids slept late due to having nothing better to do all day. It was a well needed day of rest. A day that even if you had things to get done, you couldn’t really leave your house to do them anyway.

Still needed to get that trip in to the gym? Too bad. The gym was closed and the roads were unsafe. Needed to run errands? Sorry, businesses will reopen on Thursday for that. While it may have been a setback in the week for some, it was a day where nothing was expected of others.

I was talking to a friend on Friday. We compared our stories of refusing to shower or change out of our PJs. We talked about how great it was to just “be”. And how we wish there was a day like that every week.

God laughed. Well, I didn’t actually hear it. But He must have, you know? Because God gave us a “Snow Day”. He talks about it almost immediately in this great book called the Bible. Only we don’t call it “Snow Day”. We call it Sabbath.

You know, Sabbath? The day of rest? It’s commanded of us. Work hard, worship God, but don’t forget a day of rest.

I’ve gotten better about it, but there was a time in my life where I refused such an idea. Being in college and working several jobs at one time. Sure, I took Sabbath. But my Sabbath’s were full of running errands and getting stuff done around the house because when else would I take care of these things?

I think it’s hard for us to live into this idea of Sabbath now though. Partially because not everyone practices it, so we feel like we may be judged for taking a whole day to do nothing. Or we feel the guilt and pressure from other people not living into. That’s why “Snow Day” was so great. Because everyone (in Savannah) was living into Sabbath at once.

This isn’t really meant to call anyone out, or maybe it should. I’m not really sure. I just think it’s funny that we reveled in a “surprise” day that we should already have scheduled in our week. A day we should be practicing just like the other things we become legalistic about.

I don’t think it’s as impossible to live into like we think, though. While Sunday cannot be my Sabbath, I make sure Friday is. Hopefully, you have a day of rest and worship. A day of rest carved out for you.


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