I’m Katie Kavanaugh. I’m the Director of Middle School Ministries at a church in Savannah, GA.

Born & raised in a mixture between Hilton Head, SC & Buffalo, NY.

I hate running, but I like to pretend that it’s a hobby when people ask what I do for fun.

I love tacos and catchy pop songs.

My list of accomplishments is exhaustive, but I’ll give you some highlights:

Summer 2002 // saw Nelly & Destiny’s Child in concert
Winter 2005 // binge watched my first TV show (pre-netflix)
Fall 2010 // appeared on America’s Funniest Home Videos for hiccuping, won a t-shirt
Spring 2011 // moved to Savannah, GA for dream job
Spring 2013 // was introduced to coffee outside of the frappaccino family


You can find me on twitter, instagram, any sort of hashtag that says #kfcministry or in line at Barberitos.


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