Lunch Raffles


This past Sunday we tried out a new idea for 2014 and we’re kind of loving it.

Lunch Raffle will happen each week and I’ve decided it’s basically the opposite of the Hunger Games.

So each student signs a nifty little piece of paper when they walk in the door. They put:

their name
their grade
their school

At the end of youth group, we’ll draw names and whoever gets picked will get lunch the following week from Mackay or myself. Um, super easy and super awesome.

PLUS: the more you come, the more your name gets put in the jar. KIND OF like how Katniss was bound to get picked because…well, you know.


BUT, no one dies during lunch raffle and you won’t go hungry because we’re bringing you food.

A bonus for us: sometimes it can be awkward going to a school where you only know one or two kids. But when you bring food, everyone’s happy.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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