Volunteer Gifts

So I know it’s 2014, and 2013 should be “so last year”, but I want to take it back a month and show off our awesome Volunteer gifts from Christmas.

It can be incredibly difficult to buy for volunteers. We wanted to get them something practical, but at the same time it should be something they want to use. And we have to do this all on a pretty limited budget.

We do have some budget though, so if you have the money to do this, it’s definitely worth it.


I’m all about using Pinterest for ministry. I’ve found some of my greatest ideas from browsing DIY stuff. So when I started coming across variations of gift packages, we created this idea.

Here’s what our leaders got:

A Nalgene (any water bottle will do). You can customize your order (any size or color) on http://www.nalgene.com.

We also personalized them. Created some nifty stickers and branded them specifically to our ministry.


Candy. Because our leaders are sweet. Just kidding. Actually, I’m not kidding. They are sweet. But really, we gave them candy because it’s tasty. And it helps fill the water bottle.

A free drink at Starbucks. Yeah, it’s only one coffee. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve only needed “one coffee” to get through the day and had the blessing of a gift card to help me out.

Gum. Because they’re fresh. Like breath. Ok, that’s lame and definitely a joke.
Really, it doesn’t have to be gum though. I found something practical that I knew they’d use that’s >$1. So gum, chapstick, sharpie pen (those things are awesome).

So that’s it. Pretty simple stuff, but we’re proud of it.
Note: Our sticker designer is Amelia Jamerson. She’s our Communications Coordinator and does AWESOME design work. I’m a pretty big fan of her stuff.

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