Worship Arts: Youth Band

Last year, we launched a new program called Youth Worship Arts. The hope is that it will grow and students can use their various gifts to serve in youth group and church. Right now we have a youth band and a set design team. A mix of middle and high schoolers serve on both teams. The hope is that as we grow, we’ll be able to add a tech team and drama team.

Our band has come a long way in the year. We’ve gone from having students who *kind of* played an instrument, to having them play each week and even play in our contemporary service.

While I want to say that we are learning new songs each week, it’s taken us a while to master our current set list.

Here are our top five picks for worship:

Set a Fire (We don’t go this long, but  it’s definitely our favorite)

One Thing Remains (We don’t do the “ou”s, but we do about this tempo)

Come Thou Fount (that drum solo, tho…ouf)

Whom Shall I Fear

This is What You Do

Honorable mentions:

How He Loves (we can’t help it, we know it too well)

All My Fountains (this takes a little work, but we pull it off every once in a while)


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